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  • Frequently Asked Questions

    What is Dirbg.us?

    Dirbg.us is Bulgarian-American portal intended to bring answers to wide variety of Bulgarian-American Community life questions,topics and issues.

  • Still Need Help?

    We will attempt to help you upon  your request to the best of our ability.

  • What about the other existing websites options?

    Dirbg.us is unique.We are attempting to unify all of the Bulgarian-American Communities including Canada. None of other sites is of this kind as they cover certain area. Our intention is to provide links to all of them or at list most of them. We are intended to unite, not to divide.

    How we can contact you?

    It is simple,just use the contact form to get back to us.

    Is that the final version of dirbg.us?

    No.There is a wide range of topics that we will attempt to cover over time.That is an ongoing open process.

    Are you limited to The USA only?

    No.Our primary attention will be to cover The USA and Canada but we are wide open worldwide to Bulgaria and Bulgarians all over the World.Dirbg.us will attempt to be the bridge between us.

  • Ask On Support

    Dirbg.us will support you to navigate trough the website easily and resolve any reasonable issues you may encounter.

    Use Our Forum

    Use Dirbg.us forum to seek answer to questions you may have and also get to know the community,make a virtual friends and get the answer to the issue that bothers you for so long. The forum is intended to hear everyone’s opinion, ideas and solutions to a problem.

    We will appreciate your good language and respect to others in the debate.

Knowledge Base


We have not found the information we were looking for.

Dirbg.us is intended to provide a wide specter of information just about anything that Bulgarian Community in The USA and Canada needs,however we are in constant process to add more and more information.Please,do not hesitate to contact us with suggestions and information.

02. How can I register on forum?

We made it so simple and convenient for everyone to participate.The rules are simple and forum is easy for everyone to use.

03. How to get our event published on your website?

It is simple,just use the contact form to contact us with all information you would like to provide to the community.The sooner you contact dirbg.us -the better!