Bulgarian Language School “Aleko Kosntantinov”
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Неделните занятия–във филиала на училището:

7400 W. Foster Ave
Chicago IL, 60656

400 E Gregory St
Mount Prospect,  IL 60056

Business Phone Number: Phone: (773) 814-3478
Bulgarian School “Slanchogledi”
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-място, където нашите ученици могат да намерят необходимата информация, ресурси, уроци, онлайн класове, смесено и виртуално обучение и други.

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Business Phone Number: (630) 299-6858, (847) 668-5373 ,(630) 550-3667
Sofia Haircuts and Nails Spa
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Имаме специални цени за нови клиенти и услуги. Моля, обадете ни се за назначения или някакви въпроси.

10730 19th Ave SE, Ste E
Everett, Washington

Business Phone Number: (425) 338-2915
MV Transportation
Business Name: MV Transportation
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Short Business Description: Small Cargo Transportation in all states.
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DOT# 2937591
Call (608) 253-0040

Business Phone Number: (608) 253-0040
Trimona Yogurt
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Short Business Description: Trimona Bulgarian Yogurt
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Trimona Bulgarian Yogurt

There are yogurts on the market that claim originality, but the origins of yogurt are loud and clear in the Bulgarian countryside, and in the health and longevity of the Bulgarian people. In 1905, a Bulgarian scientist, Dr. Stamen Grigorov, discovered Lactobacillus bulgaricus, the bacteria essential to the yogurt fermentation process. Soon thereafter, Dr. Ilya Mechnikov showed that fermented milk was responsible for the hardiness of the Bulgarian people, won a Nobel Prize for his work, and spent his days touting Bulgarian yogurt as a medicine throughout Europe. Nutritionally rich in vitamins, minerals, good fats and protein, yogurt has been a traditional Bulgarian food associated with good health for thousands of years.

Traditional Bulgarian yogurt has always been made from carefully selected live bacterial cultures on dairy farms in mountainous regions of the country. This is the secret for creating a delicious and nourishing yogurt. Trimona Foods perfected the process, using a stable group of probiotic bacteria strains that work in symbiosis to create this true Bulgarian style yogurt.