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Dirbg.us is the undisputed information lieder among Bulgarian-American Community

  • Dirbg.us is something that any community in the USA would be proud to have.I believe that is a great idea and wish you further success.
    Author's imageG. NovitzkySeattle
  • I was thinking about that and now when I see that someone has had created it could not be more happier to see it real.As a Bulgarian I think that is a great start and more stuff should be added later for which the community should help too.
    Author's imageP. GrozdanovChicago

  • Good luck in your mission.I am recommending  you to stay in touch with your visitors and try to build this website in the way that better would serve their need.
    Author's imageI. Ivanov Ivanov Designs
  • As I also have had started from a scratch and knowing the person who is behind Dirbg.us I believe that he will achieve the success he deserves.Good luck!
    P. Rose Founder of Expeditors
  • Being Japanese I am impressed by dirbg.us and I believe that we should create also such website that would gather our community together.
    Author's imageA. VatanabeMarketing Manager

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Dirbg.us happy visitors

Dirbg.us happy visitors

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